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Safe Driving Tips for Towing a Camper

So you have your truck and you have your new towable camper, and now the next step is to combine them together and hit the road. But if this is your first time towing a trailer or you have a friend or family member who is going to be hauling something for the first time, then you may understandably have some hesitations. Safe driving while towing a travel trailer or camper is relatively easy, but it certainly can be stressful the first couple of times you get underway. The following is a look at some safe driving tips that will help you or your fellow co-pilot be more prepared to press the gas.

Safe Driving Tips for Towing a Camper or Travel Trailer

  • Check and double-check your vehicle’s tow rating and your camper’s weight. First things first, always make sure that your vehicle is equipped to handle the amount of weight you’re towing. You can easily check your vehicle’s tow capacity in its manual or contact the pertinent dealership to have them confirm your exact make, model, and trim in their database. Next, you’ll want to check your camper, which will only give you its gross weight. Get its exact weight with your supplies and any renovations by going to a weighing specialist, such as with Escapees’ SmartWeigh.
  • First time hooking up? Have someone experienced look it over. Properly attaching a trailer is essential to safe driving with one. Head to your local mechanic or have someone well-versed in your type of travel trailer double-check to be sure you’ve properly attached the trailer with the necessary safety chains.
  • Give extra space. Hooking up a trailer adds a lot of weight to your vehicle, which means that it’ll take longer for your truck or large SUV to slow down and brake and it may be harder to practice safe driving techniques. This makes it important to keep a greater distance between vehicles in front of you. If you have a newer model with smart cruise control equipped with radar slow and go technologies, don’t rely on it when towing a camper. When parking, avoid crowded or tight spots and instead park in a remote spot of any parking lot.
  • Plan for wide turns. Now that your vehicle chain is at least double or more its normal length, you will need to take larger turns to avoid hitting other vehicles, curbs, or sliding off the road. Practice safe driving and turning in an empty parking lot until you feel more comfortable.

Have Premier Coach Works Check Over Your Trailer

Not sure if your trailer is set up for safe driving? Or want to check the weight locally? Contact our team at Premier Coach Works to schedule an appointment.