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RV interior restoration, 3 Easy RV Interior Restoration Tricks

3 Easy RV Interior Restoration Tricks

If you’re tired of the look and feel of your RV, you don’t have to undergo a massive RV interior restoration project, like one that takes a full season to complete. If you’re looking to update your camper’s interior this weekend, then we know just the tricks to make your vehicle look and feel more updated without costing you a lot of money or time.

3 Easy RV Interior Restoration Tricks for Greater Comfort & Looks

  • Lay down a hallway runner and other colorful rugs. Most RVs and campers either come standard with vinyl or linoleum floor or have them quickly changed to one of those options upon purchase. Such styles of hard flooring simply make sense due to their being easy to clean, easy to maintain, and nice on the eyes. That said, hard flooring is cold flooring, and one easy way to make your RV look warmer is to throw down a hallway runner and colorful rugs in open areas.
  • Refoam and/or reupholster the dinette and other cushions. Dinette, couch, and bedroom cushions all get a lot of wear and tear, and yet it’s so easy to look over them when considering what next big interior restoration project to tackle. Don’t. This task isn’t nearly as unwieldy as it may seem. Simply head to a website like where you can find the exact thickness and density of foam you want and have them cut it to the dimensions you need. Once the new foam arrives at your door, simply stuff it into your old dinette covers or replace those covers with new fabric. Ta-dah! A whole new look for just a few minutes to a few hours worth of work!
  • Upgrade your mattress. While you’re updating the foam in your general living areas, you should also take a good hard look at your mattress. Mattresses have come a long way in the last couple of years with new companies like Casper and Purple really pushing forward with better comfort-oriented technologies. While those companies may still be out of pricepoint for an RV bed buy, check out Linenspa which offers similar memory foam comfort but at a fraction of the price.

Have a Big RV Interior Restoration Project in Mind? Contact Us

While the above are easy interior restoration projects just about anyone can tackle, we understand you might have something more substantive in mind this season. For help with your big RV interior restoration projects or to schedule a general maintenance visit, contact our team at Premier Coach Works today.