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RV windshield, Tips for Protecting Your RV Windshield

Tips for Protecting Your RV Windshield

RV windshield damage is one of the most common types of exterior damages we see on RVs and yet it also happens to be one of the most easily preventable ones. Windshield cracks can cause major issues for drivers, as they can obscure the driver’s vision of the road and thereby increase the risk of an accident. Plus, the windshield acts as a part of your vehicle’s structural support and so any vulnerability to the windshield is a vulnerability to the entire vehicle. The states of Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina have so recognized the importance of fully intact windshields that they have all passed laws waiving the car insurance deductible for windshield replacement or repair.

But whether you’re from one of those states or not, protecting your RV windshield to prevent premature repair or replacement is a great way to save money and stay safe. Get started today with these proactive tips:

Proactive Tips for Protecting Your RV Windshield

  • Get in the habit of regular cleanings. We recommend cleaning your rig’s windshield daily when on the road. That’s because RV windshields are huge and often lack sufficiently lengthened windshield wipers to really clean off all of the bugs, dirt, pollen, and other type of foreign debris that can obscure the glass. Cleaning your windshield after every big move from one location to another will keep your windshield clean which is good for your vision and helps cut down on the surface roughing up with excess matter.
  • Never drive when there is a risk of hail. Always check the weather conditions before you set off on the road and if you hear or see hail, then find a place to pull over and wait until it subsides. Even the smallest of hail pieces can cause concerning cracks and fractures, especially when it impacts while you’re driving at highway speeds.
  • Always have chips repaired without delay. Windshields are comprised of laminated glass sandwiched with different types of particulates. When you get a chip or a surface crack, you open all the layers up to potential water and structural damage.

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