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RV insurance, How RV Insurance Differs From Auto Insurance

How RV Insurance Differs From Auto Insurance

Ah insurance, the thing we all hate to pay for until we need it. Good insurance coverage can significantly save you thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours of headache in the event you are in a collision or your RV falls victim to theft, natural disaster, or a similar event. If you have a trailer that you tow behind your RV, you may have basic liability protection for it covered underneath your general automotive insurance policy. However, if you have an RV that has an engine, one that you drive as a vehicle, then you will need at minimum, a basic limited liability insurance policy to meet your state’s minimum requirements.

RV owners should also consider going beyond the minimum and talk to their insurer about the unique types of coverage available for RVs under a customized policy. This is because there are a lot of unique differences between types of coverage available for RVs and those available for general vehicles.

The Different Types of Available Coverage That Makes RV Insurance Different From Auto Insurance

  • Fulltimer liability. For some RV owners, their RV isn’t just a vehicle — it’s also their home. Fulltimer liability is a type of insurance liability coverage that’s very similar to homeowner’s insurance. Whenever you have your RV parked and used as a part-time or full-time residence, this RV insurance coverage will kick-in and offer things like medical treatment for those injured while visiting your RV. For those who want similar coverage but for short-time vacations, campsite liability is a good add-on.
  • Emergency expenses. When your RV is being worked on, emergency expenses coverage offers reimbursement for living expenses incurred during this period. This includes things like meals and alternative lodging.
  • Total loss replacement. If you buy a new RV, during the first five years you can apply for what is called total loss replacement. This type of RV insurance policy will fully replace your RV with a similar unit should you require it following a collision. This coverage offers great peace of mind in those initial years, as RV depreciation can be steep.

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