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el mirage rv repair, Tips to Extend Battery Life From the El Mirage RV Repair Shop

Tips to Extend Battery Life From the El Mirage RV Repair Shop

A quality deep-cycle battery that is kept out of the elements should last an RV owner for six years or more. But should and do are two very different things and we, unfortunately, do get people who come into our El Mirage RV repair shop complaining about having to swap out their batteries every other year or sooner. The first thing we ask them is the brand and shop where they got their batteries and then we ask if they are following these care and maintenance tips that prevent premature battery failure:

Care & Maintenance Tips to Extend Battery Life

  • Never allow a 12-volt to discharge below 12-volts. While it might not seem correct, a 12-volt battery should actually never go below 12-volts. Instead, fully charged batteries read at around 12.7 volts and can be measured with a voltmeter (available at just about any bix box general store or local hardware store). When first installing your batteries, it’s a good idea to give a daily check for the first couple weeks to be sure they stay properly charged. Do this also if you change any of your electrical set-ups as this type of check will help ensure the batteries are in good condition, properly hooked up, and charging correctly. If you notice them go below 12 volts, then you need to return the battery or go to our El Mirage RV repair shop to check the connections.
  • Take extra precautions in hot weather and heavy use. Both hot water and heavy usage will have a dramatic impact on your battery’s water levels. During these situations, you will want to more frequently check the electrolyte levels and add distilled water as needed. Even the best of lead-acid batteries will die prematurely if left in the heat and without water refills. Note: Only use distilled water.
  • Regular recharging is significantly better than intermittent discharging and charging cycles. Batteries are one of those things where the more you use them, the better they perform. Regularly discharging your battery and then charging it keeps it in better condition and helps prevent sulfation.

Need New RV Batteries? Visit Your Local El Mirage RV Repair Shop

When it is time for you to swap out those old batteries and put in some new ones, you can always visit our El Mirage repair shop of Premier Coach Works for some experienced RV help and high-quality products. For more information, contact us today.