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rv sunroof, Understanding Your RV Sunroof & Keeping the Heat Out

Understanding Your RV Sunroof & Keeping the Heat Out

An RV is made of a thousand different components, and yet understanding each of these components and knowing when they need replacing and how to utilize them to their maximum potential will go a long way to improving your RVing experience. One such component that is versatile and key to your comfort is the RV sunroof, also commonly referred to as the RV skylight.

The RV sunroof makes for an outstanding addition to any RV or trailer no matter its size as they often bring in much desired natural light into a space that might otherwise feel dark and cramped. For example, adding an RV skylight to your shower and bathing area will really make this space more inviting and pleasant to be in.

RV Skylight Design & How to Spot Maintenance Issues

RV skylights are comprised of two primary pieces, one that sits snug on the outside and the other that nestles on the inside. The outside segment is the RV sunroof dome that is comprised of a durable, waterproof plastic and sealant. On the inside there is a plastic frame that’s screwed into that outside frame and is covered with a clear liner to allow in the sunlight.

This inner liner tends to be the more sensitive side and requires regular care and maintenance to prevent failure. This is especially true in situations such as when an RV sunlight is installed in the shower, as excess moisture can easily build up and cause mildew growth that will comprise the integrity of the caulking and rubber sealing around the inner lining. A good rule of thumb is to do a quick wipe down of the inside of this inner layer after any prolonged hot shower and after any heavy stovetop cooking that results in excess smoke or boiling water.

In addition to this routine care and maintenance of the inner layer of the RV skylight, it’s also advisable to do monthly checks of the outside. On the outside, as with other exterior protrusions, it’s important to inspect for cracks and crumbling sealant and repair as needed to prevent water intrusion.

Having Trouble Keeping Your RV Cool In the Summer? Cover the RV Sunroof

Natural sunlight isn’t the only thing an RV skylight will let in. During the hot days of summer, these skylights are frequently the number one culprit for massive heat gain. Help reduce this heat gain by either taking out that inner clear layer and replacing it with Reflectix insulation or using a cloth to serve as a covered sun block layer. A DIY sun block solution can easily be attached with a velcro set-up.

Having Your RV Sunroof Repaired or Replaced

Need help inspecting your RV sunroof? Or maybe it’s time to get it replaced? In either case, our team at Premier Coach Works is here to assist! No job is too big or too small. We specialize in RV repairs and are conveniently located in El Mirage, Arizona, a major throughway for many travelers throughout the Southwest.