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Vehicle Restoration After a Rear-End Collision

Well over a million drivers experience a rear-end collision every year. Rear-end collisions are, in fact, the most commonly occurring car accident and if you have ever been in one, you know how fast they can happen. A phone call, an animal crossing the road, a family member shouting — all of these last only a moment and yet, in that instant, a driver may find themselves looking back up to a vehicle that has stopped, and being unable to stop, smash right into them, thus requiring a full vehicle restoration.

It’s an unfortunate but all too uncommon situation. That said, if your vehicle is the one that got rear-ended, then you undoubtedly want to get things fixed up as quickly as possible. This is especially true if the rear-end collision happened on your RV, in the middle of your RV vacation. The following is a quick look at how our team at Premier Coach Works goes about providing a vehicle restoration following a rear-end collision:

Vehicle Restoration After a Rear-End Collision

  • Checking for signs of delamination. Even if your RV is showing minimal signs of exterior damage following a rear-end collision, you should still go and see a professional mechanic. That’s because one of the most expensive RV repairs to make is delamination, which is common after a collision, as the impact stresses the fiberglass, causing small cracks that can quickly spread and separate the fiberglass from the substrate. A quick post-collision repair can solve this before it goes too far.
  • Inspecting the interior. A minor rear-end collision can also cause stress cracks to occur on the inside of the RV. Our mechanics won’t just look at the damaged area but will also inspect the entirety of the interior to ensure there were no other issues related to the impact.
  • Getting the bumper and hitch fixed. Once the whole of the RV has been inspected for any issues related to the impact, our mechanics will get started with the full rear-end part of the vehicle restoration. This includes inspecting the hitch, as hitches often absorb the most force in a rear-end collision. We will often recommend replacing this piece of equipment in the event a heavy vehicle restoration is needed following an accident.

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