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Tips for Maintaining a Custom RV Paint Job

We don’t just do routine maintenance and collision work here at Premier Coach Works; we also are the area’s go to shop for customized work, including custom RV paint jobs. Our team of experienced and professional painters is available both to create custom RV paint designs that match your existing RV design for a fresh update or help you design an entirely new look.

But while we can provide you with a stellar custom RV paint job that is sure to turn heads and garner appreciation, it will be largely up to you to maintain it while on the road so as to keep it looking fresh. The following is a look at some of the simple care and maintenance tips we recommend for all of our clients who undergo a custom RV paint job do:

Tips for Maintaining a Custom RV Paint Job

  1. Keep your RV shielded from sunlight. While yes, we do use high-grade RV paint that does ward off UV damage, your custom RV paint job will still last a lot longer if you avoid the UV rays as much as possible. These rays will bleach and oxidize both the paint and fiberglass coatings on your RV, leaving them dull and faded. This can be avoided by simply being proactive and parking your RV in the shade where possible and covering it up when not.
  2. Use soft and green cleaning products. When washing your RV, stay away from cleaning products that are composed of harsh chemicals and don’t use abrasive materials. Both of these can cut through the paint and leave it dull or even scratched. Instead, we recommend approaching your custom RV paint just like you would your RV awning; use gentle soap and soft sponges when cleaning.
  3. Nix the power buffing. Power buffers may speed up gel coat restoration, but they can also easily damage paint and finishing when not used correctly. So why risk your expensive paint job by doing so? Instead, if you have to buff, go for hand buffing or call a professional.

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For more information about our paint department, including getting a personalized quote or scheduling an appointment for a custom RV paint job, contact our team today. We are always eager to take on new clients and dream up new designs to create something truly unique for their motorhomes.