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4 Ways to Troubleshoot Refrigerator RV Repairs

You buy an RV because you want to enjoy the great outdoors, but you also want to keep some of the modern comforts of home, like a soft bed, air conditioning, and, of course, a refrigerator that keeps your food and drinks cold. If your refrigerator isn’t operating like it used to, then it is important to have it looked over and repaired as soon as possible. Get started by finding out where the problem lies with these three common problems and how to troubleshoot their refrigerator RV repairs:

3 Ways to Troubleshoot Refrigerator RV Repairs

  1. Check the pilot light. If your refrigerator and other kitchen appliances operate on a controlled propane system, then problems with your refrigerator not cooling properly may be because of a problem with the propane’s pilot light. You can check this by removing the fridge’s access and cover to clean the pilot light orifice, burner tube, and flue. Often, the problem here is simply gunk built up around the pilot light and cleaning the area resolves the issue.
  2. Check the defuser duct. If your freezer is working but your refrigerator isn’t, then check the defuser duct. When a refrigerator cools, it starts in the freezer and then air is pushed into the main part of the refrigerator. So if your freezer works but the bottom part of your refrigerator doesn’t, then chances are there is a block in the defuser duct, which connects the two. Often, what happens is a big chunk of ice gets stuck and the solution is unplugging your refrigerator and letting that ice melt or otherwise removing it.
  3. Check the fuses. If your refrigerator operates correctly on propane but can’t be turned on or operates sporadically when putting on 100V power, then you have an electrical issue. Check for worn-out circuits or fuses. You might also inspect the lines that connect the refrigerator to the power source to see there’s a problem like rodent chew marks. If there is, you’ll want to take your RV to a professional.

Smell Ammonia? Stop and Call in the Experts

If you smell ammonia, then you have leaking gas and it’s incredibly important to call in a professional. Leaking gas is a major health hazard and often means that it’s time to toss your refrigerator. Contact our team at Premier Coach Works to learn more about common RV problems, including common RV appliance problems, and our other RV repair services we offer.