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rvs and pets, 5 Tips for RVs and Pets

5 Tips for RVs and Pets

If RVing is a fun activity for humans, it is quite arguably doubly so for pets. That’s because, for pets, RV traveling and living means plenty of time with their humans. Whether you have a dog, cat, bird, or another pet, everyone wins when you get to spend more time together!

But before you hit the road, make sure you know the following key RVs and pets tips:

5 Tips for RVs and Pets

  1. Set aside a space for them. While yes, your pet does want to be with you, all pets need their own space that is just theirs to relax and feel safe in. Create an appropriately sized nook or add in a crate so that your pet has a space of their own.
  2. Make sure to take plenty of breaks on long drives. Long drives can be disorienting. For dogs, but also for cats and birds. Your dogs will need obvious bathroom breaks, but so too do cats. Take a break and encourage your cat to use the litterbox.
  3. Have a folder and box for all pet things. Different RV parks will have different rules regarding pets. Make sure you have all of their veterinary reports and any other associated materials collected together in a folder. Put that folder with other key petcare items, such as medication.
  4. Have a spare collar and tag for cats and dogs. It is incredibly important for traveling pets to have tags with updated phone numbers and email addresses, and those tags should be on them at all times! Keep a backup set just in case your pet slips out of their collar and needs a replacement before you can get to a pet store.
  5. Keep a basic routine. Animals of all types like routines. They are quite literally creatures of habit, with a few individual exceptions. So while you’re adding a lot of “new” to their lives, try and keep some of the solid “old”, such as eating and play schedules.

When You Need an RV Repair, Call Premier Coach Works

Pets are fantastic companions, but unfortunately, they are not mechanics. For when you need some expert help getting your RV serviced or repaired, give our team at Premier Coach Works a call. We’re experienced in handling both routine and emergency needs.