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Choose a RV Specialized El Mirage Auto Body Repair Shop

Driving at the helm of an RV is an exciting and rewarding experience as you take control of your vacation and lifestyle, taking yourself and the family anywhere the road will take you. It’s a wonderful feeling and a great way to experience the best sights this country has to offer. However, to keep that vehicle in its top performing condition requires special maintenance and care, and should you ever be in an accident, then it also requires a special type of mechanic to perform the repairs. Not certain about this? Just check out the following reasons why when it comes to RVs, you want to choose an El Mirage auto body repair shop that specializes in RVs, campers, and other types of trailers:

3 Reasons to Choose an El Mirage Auto Body Repair Shop That Specializes in RVs

  • Sometimes size does matter. First off, there’s the simple issue of the size of an RV. Even a small motorhome is going to be much larger than the average sedan or even full-size SUV. This means that an auto body repair shop that typically only services daily drivers won’t typically have the bay size or lift size to get your RV safely into a position where they can perform maintenance.
  • RVs boast different engines and features. For most motorhomes, the engine is situated beneath the cab and is accessed by a special compartment and with a layout largely different from the average car. While there are certainly general mechanics that have the experience to get in there and work, most will have only worked on a handful of RV engines. Additionally, RVs often have extra batteries, generators, septic systems, and other features unique to their vehicle style. When you go to an  auto body repair shop that has experience with all of these aspects, you can expect a better repair experience. This includes both a quicker diagnosis of the repairs needed and a more timely repair job overall.
  • Because experience matters. Most mechanics have gone through training on how to work on different brands and production year models. Every day, they also add experience by diagnosing and repairing different issues on different vehicles. That said, when choosing an auto body repair shop–here in El Mirage, or elsewhere–the experience of one shop and mechanic can vastly differ from another. As an RV owner, you want your vehicle (and your home) serviced by someone who works daily on machines just like yours and who has the certifications that show a solid foundation upon which that experience builds.

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Whether you need routine maintenance on your ’75 VW Camper Bus or need collision repairs made to your 2017 Winnebago Forza, our team at Premier Coach Works is here to help. We have the personnel and experience to ensure your vehicle quickly gets back on the road!