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RV windshield, Tips for Protecting Your RV Windshield

Tips for Protecting Your RV Windshield

Many RV owners spend a lot of time on the road during their explorations of different campgrounds and recreational areas. While this is a part of the appeal of RV ownership, being so often on the road increases one’s risks of driving-related incidences such as RV windshield damage from road debris. Things like kicked up rocks can cause cracks in an RV windshield and extensive dirt, pollen, and other debris build-up can actually scratch and permanently damage the glass. Keep your windshield looking great and help prevent premature RV windshield replacement with the following care and maintenance tips:

Tips for Protecting Your RV Windshield

  • Stay out of the mountains in early spring. If possible, try and avoid traveling through mountainous roadways in the spring as they may have recently been sanded or salted. As such, these roadways are likely to have small stones that may be thrown up and at your windshield.
  • Replace wiper blades every two years. Even if you don’t think you often use your wiper blades, it’s a good idea to replace them at least every two years. This is because the sun will naturally break down and degrade the plastic in today’s wiper blades. Then, when those degraded blades are used, they can cause scratches and damages to glass surfaces.
  • Always repair any chips immediately. Even small chips and hairline cracks should be investigated and repaired as quickly as possible. This is because of how RV windshields are manufactured. These units generally are made of laminated glass that sandwich an ethylene-vinyl acetate film between two layers of glass. This helps prevent glass splintering in the event of a collision and helps without sound dampening. Any chips or cracks that penetrate to this middle layer, however, can allow water intrusion that results in glass clouding and can impair the overall structure of the windshield and compromise its integrity.
  • Never drive in hail storms and avoid driving close to loaded trucks. The best way to avoid cracks is to not drive in situations with a high risk of encountering rocks and other debris. If a hail storm is predicted, pull off the road and cover your windshield to prevent damages. Additionally, avoid driving closely behind loaded trucks like dump trucks which are likely to throw out some airborne debris as they travel at high speeds.
  • Keep your windshield clean. As with most equipment, regular care and maintenance is key to improving the longevity of your RV windshield. The most important facet here is to routinely wash with a high-quality glass product and remove all dirt, pollen, bugs, and other built-up debris. Keeping this area clean is important as it prevents the wiper blades from picking up any foreign matter and wiping that matter across the glass where it can scratch or cause pitting in the glass.

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