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rv maintenance, Why You Want To Seek Specialized Service When It Comes To RV Maintenance

Why You Want To Seek Specialized Service When It Comes To RV Maintenance

The RV is a fantastic machine that can provide you both with comfortable living and superior driving conditions. However, it is also a machine that requires specialized care to keep it in the best shape and prevent a mishap that might leave you stranded on the side of the road. So before you take your RV to just any auto body repair shop for RV maintenance, consider the following reasons why you should choose instead a shop like ours that specializes in RV maintenance and repair:

  • The obvious height differences. Unless you have a pop-up camper you’re concerned about, there’s going to be a pretty significant size difference when it comes to camper trailers and RVs. These types of vehicles simply have an obvious height difference compared to your general cars and pick-up trucks, and that height difference thus requires a large bay when it comes to RV maintenance and repair work. A specialized RV auto body shop like ours has multiple bays and specialized lifts that enable us to get into optimal positions in order to perform work on your rv.
  • Different engine set-ups. The engine in your RV is very different than the engine in most any other type of consumer vehicle. For one, most RV engines sit beneath the cab and require mechanics to access it via a specialized compartment and not via a trunk hood. Mechanics who aren’t familiar with this set-up aren’t likely going to be able to do the preventative checks and consistent RV maintenance the vehicle will need to perform at its best.
  • Extra features. RV maintenance isn’t just about caring for the engine and tires. There are the other extra integrated features that make them a unique type of vehicle. For example, the batteries and generators require routine care and RV maintenance in order to operate appliances and accessory equipment. There’s also the septic and water system that requires specialized care.

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At Premier Coach Works we have the vehicle bays, the specialized tools, and the experienced staff to ensure your traveling machine gets the routine care and maintenance it needs to keep going. We also provide fast and expert repair services to get you back on the road swiftly after an accident. Contact our team today to schedule your service appointment.