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premier coach works, Looking for New RV Tires? Head to Premier Coach Works

Looking for New RV Tires? Head to Premier Coach Works

RVs are big investments, investments that many people see as a second home and long-term vacation type of property. It’s important sometimes then to remember that it is the four to six tires beneath these vehicles that keep them rolling and taking you and your family on to greater adventures. Tires are an essential piece of equipment, so it’s important to make sure they are kept in good shape and that when it’s time for replacement, you have a solid team such as ours at Premier Coach Works to ensure you get the right tires for your vehicle and your RVing lifestyle.

Understanding When It’s Time to Contact Premier Coach Works for Tire Replacements

RV tires are a lot of money and while we at Premier Coach Works work hard with different distributors to keep costs low, we know that this can account for a serious chunk of someone’s RV maintenance budget for the year. So naturally, you aren’t going to want to swap out tires unless you really need to — but how do you know when that is?

RV tire sidewalls can provide the best visual indicators on whether it’s time to replace. Look for any signs of stress cracking here, which is the biggest sign that it’s time to replace. Along the sidewall, you’ll also find a three or four-digit U.S. Department of Transportation number that will relate to exactly when your tire was manufactured. The last two digits are the year in which the tire was made and the first two correspond to the exact week in that year it was made (i.e. 1017 would indicate the 10th week of 2017). RV tire manufacturers all recommend replacing any tire that is older than seven years regardless of how far or often they’ve been driven. Simply sitting and carrying the weight of an RV is enough to degrade tires over the years.

Contact Premier Coach Works to Schedule an Inspection and Tire Change

There are four different classes of RV tires and so just as it’s important to have your RV tires promptly changed when necessary, it’s also important to get the right tires for the job. Travel trailers, class A, class B, and class C, all require different types of tires for maximum safety and efficiency. At Premier Coach Works, we not only stock the best brands for each class, but we help you find the exact tire to meet your RVing lifestyle needs. Contact our team today to schedule an assessment and learn more about your tire options.