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RV Life: Staying Connected

If you are looking to spend more than a month every year in your RV, or if you’ve already made that transition, then one of the more practical questions to consider is how to stay connected. Internet and traditional mail are two important aspects of modern life but they can be hard to negotiate when transitioning to a part-time or full-time RV life. The following is a look at some cool services that can help:

RV Life: Services to Stay Connected

Internet. Most modern campgrounds offer some type of wi-fi service, but be forewarned that it’s generally slow or limited to a certain area (i.e. you have to be sitting in the front office to get a decent connection). So if you need to regularly check the internet for work or stream your favorite shows after the sun’s gone down, you should consider looking at alternatives.

For those who infrequently use wi-fi, using your phone as a temporary hot spot for a tablet or laptop may be sufficient. But for those who need more reliable and regular internet, consider a solution like Fire Wifi. Fire Wifi is a fantastic plug and play system that offers unlimited 4G LTE for all your devices. In other words, you plug in the box, and then simply connect with a passcode your TV, laptop, smartphones, and other wi-fi enabled devices to enjoy full internet access wherever you go.

Mail. For short-term trips, having your mail held at your local post office or having a friend routinely pick up and store your mail tend to be the best options. But you should consider a more comprehensive solution for longer trips to ensure you are always getting the most important items. For example, Escapees Mail Service has a central Texas office that accepts incoming mail and then automatically will forward your mail to whatever campground or local post office you direct them to.

Amazon’s Hub Locker system is also a good service to know. With their hub lockers, you can direct any Amazon item you order to be sent to a nearby Amazon Hub Locker (often found at local post offices or near other delivery businesses). You will then be sent a code that will unlock your locker and allow you to retrieve your package.

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