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motorhome collision repair, Will Motorhome Collision Repair Devalue My RV?

Will Motorhome Collision Repair Devalue My RV?

If you’ve been in an RV accident, then one concern you might have on your mind is how the accident and the motorhome collision repair to get it back on the road will bring down the RV’s value. After all, if you have plans to upgrade it in a few years, trading your current motorhome for something bigger may depend in part or in whole on what you can get for your current model. And thus, the following question about motorhome collision repair might be at the forefront of your mind:

Premier Coach Works FAQ: Will Motorhome Collision Repair Devalue My RV?

And the answer is yes, but how much so depends on how long you keep the motorhome and how well it’s maintained.

In most cases, an undamaged RV or motorhome will fetch a higher value than a collision-damaged RV or motorhome of the same make, model, and year, even if it has been fully repaired. However, while motorhome collision repair will have some impact on a vehicle’s resale value, it’s not the only thing that will have an impact and when you get quality repair from a top RV repair shop, the price value difference will be negligible.

The reason why it’ll be negligible if you get motorhome collision repair done at a shop like ours is because we use only authentic, high-grade components and have the experienced staff to make them look and perform as they were originally installed.

In addition to this, the other thing that will have a greater impact on the resale value of your vehicle is how well and how frequently regular care and maintenance tasks were performed. Good care and maintenance on a motorhome will extend its life significantly and as such, will increase its inherent value. This care and maintenance must be both the routine mechanical care as well as interior care, such as proper sealing to prevent water damage. In fact, water damage is one of, if not the leading cause of a motorhome losing its fair market value.

Need Motorhome Collision Repair? Don’t Wait, Call Premier Coach Works

The worst thing you can do regarding the value of your motorhome is wait too long after an accident to schedule motorhome collision repair. That’s because the longer you wait, the more you risk secondary issues like water damage and corrosion. So schedule your motorhome collision repair with our team today.