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Tips for Perfect RV Photos

Photographs are often a big part of the RV life. You take pictures of wildlife and the gorgeous landscapes that you adventure through. But even if you aren’t a photographer, one thing you will still want to be versed in is taking pictures of your RV.

Knowing how to take good pictures of your motorhome is a good practical RV life thing to know. Having pictures of your RV will help inform your insurance and mechanic team should you ever be in an accident, as they’ll be able to compare before pictures with collision events. This will help ensure you get the parts you want and fair insurance coverage. Beautiful RV shots are also great for if you plan on sharing your RV via a rental website or for upgrading and selling your RV.

So whatever you plan on using your RV photos for, consider the following tips to ensure you get beautiful shots:

Tips for Perfect RV Photos

  • Go for the golden hour. Lighting is everything in photography,  and unfortunately, getting the right light can be rough when it comes to photographing something as big as an RV. After all, you can’t easily maneuver it around. That said, there is one thing you can do to get almost guaranteed gorgeously lit shots. You shoot during the golden hour, which is that period just before sunset and just after sunrise, perfect for photos and videos.
  • Merge composition and perspective. Composition and an eye for perspectives are the two biggest things that separate snapshots from thoughtful photography. The composition is when you merge visual elements together. When it comes to shooting your RV, this means ensuring you add in some pets, get the tops of the trees, and add your favorite camping chairs out front. While doing this, pay attention to the perspective you shoot from. Get those angled shots to really capture the full look and feel of your RV and RV life.

In an Accident? Bring Us Your RV Photos

If you ever get in the unfortunate situation of being in an RV accident, remember to grab those beautiful RV shots. Those RV life pictures can help us get an idea of the pre-collision look of your RV and ensure that we get it back to its original splendor as soon as possible. For more information, contact us today.