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summer road trip, 2021 Summer Road Trip RV Trends

2021 Summer Road Trip RV Trends

2020 and 2021 have seen a spike in RV interest due to its ease of offering what those in the industry are calling “self-catered” vacations — and we expect that trend to really spike come summer road trip season. Self-catered vacations are those vacations where the family takes on most of the planning of activities and maintenance of where one’s staying. The goal with self-catered vacations used to be to keep one’s budget down, but today, self-catered vacations are trending because it allows one to take a vacation while remaining safer from COVID-19. And what better way to enjoy a self-catered vacation than a summer road trip in your own self-contained RV? RVs allow you to go where you want to go while still controlling outsider contact and minimizing your exposure.

But more people traveling by RV and embracing self-catered vacations due to ongoing coronavirus concerns is just one of the 2021 summer road trip trends we anticipate. Other summer road trip trends to expect include:

2021 Summer Road Trip RV Trends

  • More Hipcamp and alternative camping spots. While traditional campgrounds aren’t going anywhere, alternative set-ups like Hipcamp provide new summer road trip destinations. Through Hipcamp, RV owners can connect with private landowners who will let them stay, often alone, on their unique property. This offers RVers a unique stay in desirable locations but with minimal contact with others.
  • A lot of Northeast and Midwest travel. While big park destinations like the Grand Canyon will continue to rank among the most popular summer road trip destinations, we expect to see a lot of more minor destinations become hot picks. This is because more people in states with heavy COVID-19 restrictions are buying and renting RVs as affordable vacation options. According to data from RV Share, an RV rental marketplace, RV rentals in New York increased 186% in 2020 over 2019 and in Illinois, they increased 174%. Many of these new buyers can’t commit to extended vacations but are excited about travel close to home.

Before You Hit the Road, Get Your Rig Maintained

Are you ready to hit the road on your summer road trip? Make sure that you get your RV serviced beforehand. A routine service check will make sure your tires, fluids, batteries, and other key component are in good condition and least likely to cause issues during your summer road trip. Contact our team at Premier Coach Works to learn more and to schedule an appointment.