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Premier Coach Works, Premier Coach Works: Choose Us for Your Fleet Maintenance & Repairs

Premier Coach Works: Choose Us for Your Fleet Maintenance & Repairs

Our auto body repair and service shop of Premier Coach Works is perhaps best known for our work on big RVs and campers. We are, in fact, one of the few auto body shops in the area that has the massive bays and lifts necessary to do all the work on full-size RVs. However, these larger maintenance bays serve a secondary purpose, as we also use them for the fleet service we offer our commercial clients.

Premier Coach Works: Choose Us for Your Fleet Maintenance & Repairs

If you own or otherwise operate a business with multiple vehicles, such as a mobile air conditioning and heating repair business that requires many of your employees to have their own van in which to store supplies, then each member of your commercial fleet is going to require attention. Each van within your commercial fleet will need oil changes, tire maintenance, engine inspections, and more to ensure they are safe and properly prepared to be out on the road. Proper maintenance ensures that each vehicle within the fleet will continue to deliver high-quality service that will keep your employees on task.

While those with a smaller fleet of commercial vehicles may be able to keep up general service on their own, that rarely is the cost-effective option. Why hire on more full-time staff to keep your fleet in its best condition when you can more efficiently hire our expert team of mechanics to do that for you? You don’t need to keep a set of mechanics, you just need to get a good rate from a trusted auto body shop for all of your fleet upkeep and repairs. You need Premier Coach Works.

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For many businesses, the vehicles that staff members use play an incredibly important role in the nature of their business. A vehicle that constantly breaks down risks making a deployed worker late, while a noisy vehicle reflects poorly on your brand. These are issues that can hurt your bottom line, and yet they can be easily resolved when you partner with a trusted auto body shop like ours.

Our team at Premier Coach Works endeavors to make fleet maintenance and upkeep stress-free and affordable. Contact us today to learn more about this professional service and schedule a meeting with our team to see what we can do for your company.