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commercial fleet services, The Benefits of On-Site Detailing for Commercial Fleet Services

The Benefits of On-Site Detailing for Commercial Fleet Services

If you own a commercial fleet of trucks or vans, then one thing you know you need to always be on the lookout for is someone who can provide quality commercial fleet services at affordable rates. Our company, Premier Coach Works, wants to be that commercial fleet services company. We are proud to offer an array of services all designed to give our customers assurance that their fleet of vehicles will always be looking and operating at peak capability. One way we achieve that is via commercial detailing.

Commercial detailing services is a critical component of any fleet’s maintenance and upkeep. After all, first impressions are everything, and customers, no matter what industry you are in, are going to take more notice of you if your drivers arrive in a fresh, clean vehicle. We even do the detailing at our on-site location, so it’s all under one roof. Here are the benefits of on-site detailing for commercial fleet services.

The Benefits of On-Site Detailing for Commercial Fleet Services

  • Low-cost. Since we don’t have to take all of our equipment and trained technicians to you, coming to us is the best cost choice when it comes to detailing, as well as other commercial fleet services.
  • Timeliness, rain or shine. Weather isn’t an issue with commercial detailing on-site thanks to us having a full-service garage in which we can fully detail and maintain each of your vehicles out of the weather and on specialized gear.
  • Convenience. This is a pretty big one. No matter what you need done, from a custom paint job to maintenance and repair, we do it all under one roof. If you are busy, then this benefits you by not having to call different specialty locations to get your fleet vehicles serviced.
  • Oversight. We understand, your trucks account for a huge investment by your company. Hiring professional and experienced detailers like ours enables you to see for yourself our work and know that you’ll get the best results.

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