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RV windshield, Protecting Your RV Windshield in Winter Weather

Protecting Your RV Windshield in Winter Weather

Our RV and auto body shop, Premier Coach Works, is located in El Mirage, Arizona. Here,  we enjoy fairly warm winters. Yet such winters aren’t a guarantee everywhere, especially for those who travel beyond state lines. As such, it is important for every RV owner looking to travel this winter to understand how to protect their RV windshield.

Protecting Your RV Windshield in Winter Weather

If you haven’t lived in a cold climate, you might not be aware of the damage it can do to your windshield. Ice, sleet, hail, and cold temperatures can cause your RV windshield to crack, break, or become so entrenched in ice that you’ll be unable to drive. Avoid these issues with the following RV windshield protection tips:

  • Choose the right windshield washer fluid. As the temperatures drop, make sure you are using an appropriate cold-weather seasonal blend of windshield washer fluid. Winter blends will include methyl alcohol which offer good protection, great cleaning abilities, and are certified not to freeze.
  • Sudden frost? Rub an onion on your windshield. If you are traveling and find yourself unexpectedly facing a frost, then a handy trick is to take an onion and rub it against the windshield. The oils from the onion will protect your RV windshield, preventing the glass from frosting over.
  • Invest in a quality RV windshield snow cover. If you are going to be traveling a lot in colder areas, then consider investing in a high-quality RV windshield snow cover. This covering will have to be put over the RV windshield every evening but that hassle is worth it compared to the alternative.
  • Never, ever pour hot water or set your defroster to extreme heat following a freeze. The biggest cause of a cracked RV windshield isn’t from the cold itself but rather from what unaware RV owners do to resolve it. Too often, RV owners pour hot water or turn their defroster on high heat to melt the ice. This is very, very bad as the extreme temperature shift can cause a crack. Never use hot water and always set your defroster to a low heat.

Have a Cracked RV Windshield? Take It To Premier Coach Works

If you’re reading this too late and your RV windshield is already cracked or otherwise damaged from the cold, then don’t stress, our team is here for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.