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rvs and pets, RVs and Pets: Adventure Tips for Traveling With Your Cats

RVs and Pets: Adventure Tips for Traveling With Your Cats

When it comes to RVs and pets, there is a lot of talk about dogs. But while dogs might get the glory of being the go to pet for outdoor hiking, swimming, and other adventures, they certainly aren’t the only good type of RVs and pets matchup. One type of pet that can go paw to paw in the debate of the best RVs and pets is your domesticated feline.

So long as your pet cat isn’t super aloof, they are apt to really take to RVing. If you haven’t yet gotten a pet, then getting a kitten at the start of your RV adventures is a great way to acclimate them to the lifestyle. For both young kittens and older cats, consider the following adventure advice for the best cat-venturing experiences:

RVs and Pets: Adventure Tips for Traveling With Your Cats

Look at either catios or leash-training. If you have a larger motorhome, then you will likely get by just fine with a cat who spends the entire time indoors, but in most situations, cat owners are going to find their cats are happiest when they get a little outside time. You can do this in one of two ways.

First, you can look into outdoor enclosures called ‘catios’ that you can DIY or buy. These are generally best for older cats who are more set in their ways. But if you really want to encourage your cat to enjoy the great outdoors, consider teaching them to walk on a leash. A cat that is comfortable on a leash will have the best opportunities to get the exercise they need to stay healthy and mental engagement to keep them happy.

Be vigilant about the litterbox. Taking care of your pet’s business is a big part of the business of keeping RVs and pets. When it comes to cats, you will need a quality litterbox that is kept regularly cleaned with fresh litter. RVs, after all, are small spaces, and going even just a day past your regular cleaning date is going to make everyone in the RV unhappy. So before any trip, stock up before you head out.

RVs and Pets – The Pawfect Match

We’d love to meet your pets the next time you roll into town! Contact us today about scheduling your next service visit and we’ll see you and your furry feline when you get here.