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rvs and pets, RVs & Pets: What to Pack for Your Pup

RVs & Pets: What to Pack for Your Pup

RVs and pets go together like peanut butter and jelly. After all, as you’re traveling around the country, you get to stay close to your favorite felines or pups and involve them more in your daily activities. Whether that means lounging by the campfire or taking a hike on the trails, many pets will enjoy traveling with you. In fact, we know of RV owners who bring all sorts of pets with them when they hit the road, from their fancy birds to goldfish. Of course, dogs tend to be the most popular of RV pets and they seem to enjoy this lifestyle, mostly due to it offering a great balance between being inside and active outdoors. But before you head on the road with your pup, make sure you have what you need by going through the following RVs and pets guide:

RVs and Pets: What to Pack for Your Pup

  • Walking items. These are your leash, collar, and, of course, plenty of dog bags. If you plan on doing a lot of hikes, consider bringing a couple different leashes, like a four to six foot leash for uses in crowded places and an extendable leash for use in more open and less crowded trails.
  • Feeding goods. Because pests can sometimes be a problem in campsites, make sure to invest in an airtight bucket to store your dog food in. You’ll also want two non-spill food bowls and possibly a mat on which to place your dog’s food and water bowls.
  • Vet papers and any medications. It is important to always have a copy of your dog’s medical records at all times. Vaccinations like rabies are a must no matter where you go and just about all boarding facilities and most dog parks will also require certain extra ones like bordetella. Before leaving on a big trip, check-in with your vet to be sure you are up to date and have all the necessary medications (flea, tick, etc.) for your trip.
  • Bedding and crate. Bedding is another must and having a crate can come in handy in emergency situations.

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