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Safe Driving Tips for Towing a Camper

Here at Premier Coach Works, we are proud to work on RVs of all shapes and sizes. This means we offer service and repairs on the massive class A RVs as well as smaller towable campers.

Towable campers are great for short trips and for those who want something affordable but versatile. But they also come with the caveat that they can be tricky to drive for the inexperienced. The following is a look at some key safe driving tips for towing a camper that will get you on the road to wherever your next adventure takes you safely:

Safe Driving Tips for Towing a Camper

  • Triple check that hitch. Your hitch not only keeps the camper secured physically to your truck or SUV, it also is typically where the electrical conduits will be. A hitch that isn’t properly secured, that doesn’t have the electrical wires correctly fastened and connected, is one that is unsafe. So safe driving starts with ensuring you know how to properly attach it and triple checking it for assurance.
  • Know your height and your route. This tip is pertinent to all RVs, but we see it usually become a problem for towables because drivers are used to the standardization of their own vehicle’s height. Knowing how tall and wide your camper is will help you avoid any passages with lower clearances. A more innate understanding of that size will also help you be more cautious when approaching roads with low-hanging tree branches that can scratch and damage the camper itself.
  • Go slow down hills as well as up them. It is more important to institute extra safe driving when going down a hill than going up it because the excess weight of the trailer (without its own engine) can more easily catch the wind, sway into traffic, and cause a barrage of issues. Especially when the towable camper does not come with its own brakes. So always be cautious, and for the best safe driving technique, consider having upgraded after-market brakes added to your towable camper if it doesn’t have them.

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Safe driving can prevent an accident from occuring and keep you and your RV in travel ready shape. When you are ready to get better brakes installed, your rear lights inspected, or another RV check-up, be sure to schedule an appointment with us.