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Seasonal Maintenance at Your RV Auto Body Shop

Don’t get us wrong, winter is still here, but the weather is getting warmer, making now is a good time to book a general service visit at your local RV auto body shop. Our own RV auto body shop is proud to provide a great array of services to our clients that includes collision repair, custom body paint, and, of course, seasonal maintenance checkups. We, in fact, are proud to be an RV auto body shop that is fully setup with specialized bays just for motorhomes and campers. The following is a look at just a few of the important seasonal maintenance tasks we provide for our RV clients:

Seasonal Maintenance at Your RV Auto Body Shop

  • Battery inspection and top-off. Batteries are an incredibly important part of your RV setup. Not only do they start your vehicle, but you also likely have reserve batteries that serve as a primary component of your electrical system. As such, it’s important to have them inspected to ensure they are properly holding charges and are topped off with distilled water where needed.
  • Fill up the other fluids and the vents. The air conditioner vents ought to be checked and cleaned out with filters changed. We also recommend filling up your vehicle’s fluids, ie coolant and windshield wiper fluid, as well as changing your vehicle’s oil at least once a season — more if you are living and driving full-time.
  • Take care of the slide outs. One of the most overlooked aspects of maintaining an RV is checking the slide outs. Slide outs are one of the first places that will fall victim to wear and tear damages that, if not properly prevented against, will lead to expensive repairs. Good preventative maintenance your RV auto body shop will perform on slide outs include lubricating the slide out mechanism, reinforcing watertight seals where necessary, and checking for any UV damage.
  • Check tire wear and pressure. Tires are an essential part of your RV and must be kept in good condition at all times. Uneven tire tread, UV-damaged sidewalls, and improperly inflated tires are all common causes of blowouts — and blowouts lead to accidents. Have your RV auto body shop check your tires every time you bring it in for service.

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While these are the most important services you should have done every season, they certainly aren’t the only ones. Contact our team today to schedule your seasonal visit and learn more about what we can offer to ensure your road beast is ready for adventures.