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Services Your Local RV Auto Body Shop Can Provide

RVs and motorhomes may offer more opportunities than your typical four-door sedan, but they are still prone to all the same issues any other vehicle has. Rear-end collisions, hail storms, accidental door dings, and so many other mishaps can damage your RV just as they would any other vehicle. The good news is, as your local RV auto body shop, our mechanics are well-versed in handling these and many other issues related to the repair and replacement of exterior parts of your vehicle. The following is a quick look at just a few of the services we offer at our RV auto body shop:

Services Your Local RV Auto Body Shop Can Provide

  • Painting. Hate the color of your RV? Want to add your own flourishes across the back? Not a problem. Our RV auto body shop has experienced painters on staff to ensure you get that perfect shade of blue when you’re looking to renovate your RV. We also are readily equipped to perfectly color match and repaint any chipped or scratched paint.
  • Dents and dings. The more you take your RV out for adventures, the more you risk it getting scratched or dinged. From the small parking lot and campground accidents to the major dents that happen on the roadway, our RV auto body shop repair team is here to get you fast and professional service to repair or replace any body panels as needed.
  • Full fiberglass repair. Where metal dings and dents can be easily buffed out, things get a bit trickier with fiberglass, and yet many modern RVs and camper trailers are comprised of fiberglass. Fiberglass is durable and lightweight and so it makes sense for use in RV construction, however this same lightweight factor can make it more easily prone to extensive buckling and damages in a situation like a collision or simply backing up too quickly into something hard and immovable.
  • Interior repairs. Our RV auto body shop doesn’t just fix exterior damages and issues! If you have a problem with your interior, such as cabinet or upholstery repair and replacement, then a full-service RV auto body shop like ours is equipped to help.

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