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RV insurance, Tips for Lowering Your RV Insurance Costs

Tips for Lowering Your RV Insurance Costs

For many, hitting the road in their RV is a dream come true. But, unfortunately, dreams don’t always come cheap. While campgrounds are certainly not as expensive as hotels, they still can cost a pretty penny. Plus, there are other costs to consider like fuel, preventative maintenance, and, of course, RV insurance.

RV insurance is something that you cannot go without. Not legally, and not financially, as RV insurance can and will protect you from a devastating financial fallout in the event of an accident. But while you need RV insurance, you don’t need to be paying the highest rates for it. Check out the following tips for keeping your rates low and your pocketbook a touch fuller:

Tips for Lowering Your RV Insurance Rates

  • Apply for safe driving discounts. The longer you drive without being involved in an automobile accident, the longer you can secure lower rates. Additionally, more insurance companies, like State Farm, are offering an array of safe driving discounts that drivers can apply for. For example, completing a defensive driving course and incorporating safety apps (ie, Drive Safe & Safe™)  that can confirm you don’t drive higher than posted speed rates.
  • Pay upfront, in-full. Another thing most insurance companies offer but you generally have to take the initiative on is bulk payment discounts. Here, simply pay the full of your bi-annual or annual RV insurance payments at the start of the term to enjoy a bulk discount and no interest surcharges.
  • Update your RV and confirm safe vehicle discounts. Insurance companies don’t like older vehicles because they come with higher risk of accidents and more significant damages. Most RV insurance companies will offer discounts if you provide proof of forward-thinking RV updates like the installation of an anti-theft device. You can also confirm things like your vehicle having passive restraints. For example, State Farm will offer up to a 40% discount on Medical Payments coverage if you can show that your pre-1993 motorhome has factory-installed airbags or other passive restraint systems.

In an Accident? Call Premier Coach Works After You Call Your RV Insurance

Your RV insurance company may payout for the damages you incur in an accident, but it’s our team that will make the actual repairs. If you’ve been in an accident, contact our team at Premier Coach Works to schedule a repair visit. We’re proud to work with a range of RV insurance companies.