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rv maintenance, RV Maintenance 101: How To Care for Your Slide Outs

RV Maintenance 101: How To Care for Your Slide Outs

When it comes to caring and maintaining your RV, there are a lot of RV maintenance things to keep in mind. There is the engine, tires, and undercarriage that all need regular inspection, especially in humid and excessively dusty environments, which we see here in Arizona. But while most RV owners are great about maintaining these standard aspects of their RV, one area that often falls by the wayside but requires the same level of regular RV maintenance and care is the slide outs.

Slide outs are unique mechanisms that make it possible to extend the full interior space of an RV once parked. Slide outs first became popular in teardrop and pop-up campers but now many modern motorhomes feature a slide room, which have become increasingly sophisticated. The more sophisticated the slide-out, the more necessary specialized RV maintenance is needed. Here is a look at the most important RV maintenance things to keep in mind when it comes to your RV slide outs.

RV Maintenance 101: Keeping Your Slide Outs in Good Condition

  • Keep the 12volt battery bank maintained. Most slide rooms operate on a battery bank and most problems with them are due to the battery bank. Regularly inspect yours for low voltage and faulty contacts, keeping them as maintained as your other batteries.
  • Lubricate once a season. At least once a season, you should inspect the moving components of your RV’s slide out. These moving components should be lubricated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and kept clean of any type of buildup.
  • Clean the underside before move out. Before you leave any camping location, take a few minutes to clean the underside of the slide out before having it retract back into the RV. This underside tends to often attract debris and dirt, especially kicked-up mud. While the undercarriage is built to withstand general dirtiness while the slide room is in use, you don’t want to retract it and bring dirt, mud, and debris in where it can clog up the sliding mechanism.

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We hope the above RV maintenance tips will help you keep your rig in better condition. But if you need assistance or you have a more serious problem with a slide out, then our team at Premier Coach Works is here for you. Contact us today to schedule an RV maintenance or repair appointment.