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rv roof repair, Signs It’s Time for RV Roof Repair

Signs It’s Time for RV Roof Repair

The most obvious sign that you need RV roof repair is rain falling on your head when you’re inside your motorhome. A frustrating but not entirely uncommon event. But let’s hope it doesn’t get to that point! Timely RV roof repair will keep you comfortable and prevent small issues from becoming massive ones requiring serious intervention. And serious intervention means serious cash.

So be smart and stay on top of things by bringing your motorhome in for professional RV roof repair whenever you spot signs of the following:

Signs It’s Time for RV Roof Repair

  1. A brownish or off-white stain on the ceiling. The first big visible sign that you have a roofing problem will often be a spot or stain somewhere on the inside of your ceiling. This brownish stain is caused by a mixture of rain, dirt, and mildew that has gone from the top of the roof to the inside of your RV.
  2. Parts of the RV floor feel soft. If the floor of your RV feels soft, sort of like you are stepping on a sponge, then you have water leaking somewhere. While this might be from an interior plumbing issue, more likely it is from a roofing problem. What happens is that a gap or bad seal along the edge of the RV will lead to water leaking down the RV’s interior sides where it will then come to rest in the flooring. The more water that pools here, the more damage it will cause. So the moment you feel the flooring in your RV feel off, go visit your RV mechanic.
  3. Water pools at the top of your RV. You don’t want water pooling anywhere. Not in the flooring and not on the roof. After every bad rain, you should check the top of your RV and make sure that rainwater is clearing off. If you see any areas where it is pooling, it’s time to talk to a mechanic about RV roof repair.

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