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rv repairs, RV Repairs 101: A Slide Out That Won’t Slide Out

RV Repairs 101: A Slide Out That Won’t Slide Out

RVs with slide outs are excellent camping vehicles, as they make it easy for owners to maximize their camping space with minimal effort. You get better gas costs for a smaller vehicle on the road, but will also enjoy a larger interior space once you get to your destination. Unfortunately, slide outs are not impervious to breaking down and requiring RV repairs. The good news is that some RV slide out problems can be fixed without going to the RV body shop.

RV Repairs 101: Troubleshooting a Slide Out That Won’t Slide Out

  • Check the system’s battery supply. As with all electrically-operated devices, the first thing to check for in a non-operating slide out is if there’s a power disruption. Most slide outs operate on the RV’s house batteries. Check to see that they are at proper charge and the wiring is properly secured.
  • Check the RV’s fuses and breakers. If the batteries are full and the wires to them are secured, the next place to look is the fusebox. Confirm that nothing has been blown or tripped. For extra caution, you might clean this area as well.
  • Check for any jamming. If you are having an issue with only one side of the slide out coming out, or if you keep hearing a whirring noise like it wants to move but won’t, then your problem might be a jam. Grab a flashlight and look along the inside, outside,  and top and bottom sides to see if you can find whatever is caught inside the sliding mechanism. Take great care, as injuries can happen if the slide out moves back suddenly. If you find whatever is jamming the system but do not believe you can confidently remove it safely, make an appointment for professional RV repair.
  • Uneven surface causing excess weight pressure. In some cases, an RV slide out might not slide out or back in, as the weight differential is too much. Many of these systems are designed to prevent excess weight from causing a tipping accident. You can try manually pushing the slide out in, but in this case, it’s better to repark the vehicle and try in a more level spot.

For More Help, Schedule Professional RV Maintenance

If you can’t confidently, safely, and easily resolve your slide out problem, it is best to call in the pros. Contact our team today to schedule your appointment.