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rv sunroof, RV Sunroof? What About RV Solar Panels?

RV Sunroof? What About RV Solar Panels?

The RV sunroof is a type of accessory equipment we frequently install, in fact, it is among our most frequently asked about aftermarket upgrades. It’s easy to understand why given our home of Arizona. An RV sunroof makes it easy for RV owners to enjoy that gorgeous desert sky and it allows in sunlight without excessive heat gains (when you choose a quality model and have it properly installed). But as you consider that sunroof for your RV, why not also take the opportunity to add in a solar panel or two?

The Big Benefits of Adding in RV Solar Panels

RVs in general are fantastic places to install solar panels, but this is especially true here in Arizona where we get so many sunny, cloudless days. Installing a solar panel on your RV and letting it charge your RV’s main batteries can afford you the following significant benefits:

  • Cost-effective. Investing in solar panels is a great way to reduce some of the energy costs related to RVing — especially if you enjoy dispersed camping without hookups. Thanks to new technologies, solar panels today are cheaper, more durable, and more effective than ever.
  • Good for the environment. Hey, shouldn’t we all be doing our part to help the environment? Solar panels help reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions and investing in this technology is a big part of a larger investment in reducing dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Ideal for emergency situations. In an ideal camping world, you will always find a camp spot for cheap and with full hook-ups no matter where you go. But even strict planning cannot account for things like a bad car pile-up causing extended road delays or a natural disaster like a tornado unexpectedly closing the campground you planned on. In these situations and so many more, solar panels can serve as the ideal backup electrical supply. If you need to stop at that rest area, spend a night boondocking, or otherwise find yourself far and away from a campground with power, solar panels can keep your RV interior powered up.

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